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What To Eat!

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Some of the toughest consultations are on ‘What to Eat’! Change is tough, and we tend to be protective of our dietary habits, doubting our ability to try a new way. Beyond the Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo biases, wouldn’t it be great to have some simple guidelines, that if followed most of the time, would grant us a better than average chance at good health.

The Mediterranean diet is that easy guideline… but what is it exactly? In a ‘nutshell’, so to speak, here are some easy tips.
Large health food selection in white porcelain bowls and dishes

Protein Superfood Diet
Introduce a couple of tablespoons of olive oil daily.
Snack on fruit, nuts and seeds
Have plenty of greens
Whole grains, as tolerated.
Include some legumes… nice for a vegetarian meal occasionally
Include wild caught fish once or twice a week
Favor poultry over red meat
If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to a glass or two with dinner
Fruit makes a great dessert

Take time to enjoy your meal

When I consult on the finer points of diet for particular conditions, this is where I start. Fine tuning can happen along the way. Whether we need to do an elimination diet to expose sensitivities, or heal a leaky gut, this is a fine place to start. One more thing… I like to ‘add’ before I take away. So, slide in the good stuff and allow the challenging foods to recede until they are gone!

Let the adventure begin!

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