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Four Ways You Can Improve Range of Motion

First move well, then move often…..This phrase, borrowed from renowned physical therapist, Gray Cook, describes the principles that we follow in the practice. Take a moment to absorb that. If your movement is altered by old injury, disuse or general tightness, you are not ready to ‘move often’. If you repeatedly practice your sport with faulty biomechanics, you risk further injury. When range of motion is inhibited, it’s common to experience pain and discomfort which may lead to overcompensation in other body parts as they try to pick up the slack, beginning a cycle of dysfunction.

When we don’t move well, our fascia no longer glides smoothly but becomes stuck and dehydrated… contributing to poor range of motion. Here are a few different ideas for getting back to proper movement.


  1. One of the most effective strategies for addressing limited ranges of motion is Yin Yoga. A few select and targeted positions, held comfortably for a few minutes will make all the difference. If you are not familiar with Yin Yoga, head over to our “Resources” tab for some introductory poses and give them a try.
  2. Don’t let stress get out of control. Stress can cause many problems in the body, but did you know it can also keep muscles tense, limiting movement? If you’re feeling stressed before exercising, focus on a few deep breaths to calm your body.
  3. After working out, remember to stretch the muscles you just used. Spend at least 10 minutes doing light to moderate stretching after exercising.
  4. Stay hydrated. When your body and muscles don’t get enough water, tightness and cramps can ensue, which might further restrict range of motion.
  5. Consider getting a massage. Massage helps to relax tense and tight areas, while promoting circulation that may help with healing.


To learn more about how to move better… so that you can move often…Visit us for an evaluation. We’ve helped numerous patients just like yourself move easier and better with a focused, gentle care plan. We’d love to learn more about your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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