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Almost Sick...

What do you do when you are ‘almost sick’?

Chicken soupYou know the feeling.  It starts with disbelief.

  • Is it my imagination?
  • Am I achy, tired, headachy?
  • Is that a scratchy throat?
  • Are my sinuses a little stuffy?

Surely not!

This is when I screech to a halt.

I cancel anything in my path.
I am relentless. This is not the time to be brave.

  • I scour the cupboards for solutions.
  • Goldenseal…(my friend swears by it);
  • Elderberry?
  • Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract
  • Mycelized Vitamin A
  • (my go-to) or chicken soup.

Bed as soon as possible!  I do not ignore the signs…I ignore a lot of aches and pains, but I am on high alert for “almost sick”!

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